Tiziana Tateo

Fiber Artist

Maya's Veil


Tiziana Tateo is a Fiber Artist who, after starting out making quilts about twelve yeras ago, began research work and personal experimentation into the multiple possibilities of manpulating textiles and other materials such a plastic, metal, paper and wire.
Primarly self-taught, later graduated in Arts Embroidered Textiles (BA/Hons)from the Middlesex University of London (UK).
Tiziana's methods and techniques have changed, developed  and adapted over time leading her interests toward different fields of textile art.The result is that her works are often very different from each other on techniques as well on size.
Tiziana Tateo's works have been exhibited in museums and in juried exhibitions throughout USA, Europe and Asia.
Some works belong to public and private collections.

L'Or du Mal


As a fiber artist I have always enjoyed the process of experimenting with different techniques and materials in order to find out new exciting outcomes.

My love for colours and texture led me working with several types of media such as paint, paper, fabric and plastic, which are usually the starting points from which I develop themes and subjects.

I am adventurous in the use of materials and colours, often combining a variety of techniques like printing, stitching, burning and embroidering, to create depth in my textile works.

I work intuitively and spontaneously most of the time, although I sometimes have a clear idea of where I want the piece to go.

The concept of my work is often dictated by the title of the exhibition I want to enter or by the materials I have at hand at the moment.

Figures are common in my works because of the feelings, emotions and dialogue they convey. Like no other subject matter, the figure has the ability to speak to the viewer in an extremely intimate manner.